Denham Capital

Denham Capital, an energy and resources focused global private equity firmĀ builds businesses and establishes long term partnerships with entrepreneurs and companies who share our vision for growth and value creation. The firm is built on a foundation of experience, fairness, economic rationale, flexibility and trust, and bring these values into every opportunity they pursue.

Denham ‘s focus their investment activities around three sectors:

  • Oil & Gas
  • Metals & Minerals
  • Power & Renewables

Their success is driven by two key characteristics: financial expertise and operational know-how.

Denham’s industry backgrounds provide insight into the challenges portfolio companies face, enabling them to serve as financial and strategic partners through the entire investment cycle. Working side by side, they create relationships rooted in operational excellence, based on trust, flexibility and collaboration.They form partnerships with our portfolio companies, and seek like-minded management teams to build businesses, not just assets.

These are the values that define Denham and create successes for their partners and the firm.